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All tours will begin at the “African American Monument” located at the Savannah River (adjacent to the Visitors Center Office on River Street). All tours are groups only- minimum of 6 per group. We prefer a 24 hour advance Reservations required on most tours but will try to accomodate all guests.



Our most popular and main attraction. "Slaves In The City" is a walking tour showcasing the sacred places where enslaved Africans dwelled. circa 1748 - Dec. 1864. This tour is available Tuesday-Saturday at 10:30am &  1pm. /  Sunday - 12 Noon Only /Special Times for Groups by Request

This tour has evolved into a homage tour of prayers, thanksgiving and forgiveness for man's inhumanity to the enslaved African children, women
and men that toiled in plantations and urban mansions throughout Savannah
and the Georgia coast.

Don't miss out on the reenactments performed by The Saltwata Players (FB) on the weekends!  Your week day tour guide will also showcase narratives by request.  Come hear the famous slave reenactors in their native Gullah Geechee

Special events occur annually on December 21 -  where the Gullah Geechee community and Savannah celebrate 'Jubilee Freedom Day' - the official day enslaved Africans were emancipated were freed in Savannah, GA.



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Gullah Geeche Talkin'©

A can't miss low country presentation of Gullah Geechee "folkways" and "food ways" by the Saltwata Players® - 2 Month Advance Booking Required - Great for Family Reunions!

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Houses of PrAIse©2017 featuring First African Baptist Church

First African American Church Built in North America - Built By Slaves, Circa 1859

"Jubilee Is Here': The Abolitionist Movement - ADVANCE BOOKING REQUIRED

A celebration of those brave souls who fought for freedom of those enslaved. - American Heroes

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Savannah's African American Haunted Ghost Tours

Over 1 million slaves dwelled in the City of Savannah during the 17th & 18th century. The slaves toiled in bondage - working from 'sunrise to sunset' in some of the wealthiest planter mansions in downtown Savannah.

Come hear the tales of the slaves! Are their souls @ peace?  Do these slaves still seek revenge from oppressors as their spirits walk the streets of Savannah, Georgia....Come 'Jine WE - authentic Gullah Geechee tour guides will take U on this haunting journey.

Tours for Groups only- MINIMUM 6 - Reservation Required Online - SATURDAY NITES ONLY @ 8 pm by Reservation Online

Price:  $25 Adult and $10 Children

M A S T E R   S T O R Y T E L L E R


Patt "Sistah Patt" Gunn is a Master Storyteller and authentic Gullah Geechee slave re-enactor. A 'daughter of the soil' and native of Savannah, GA, she founded the Geechee Institute in 1992, creating festivals, lectures and oral history projects. She is the founder of the Center for Jubilee, Healing and Reconciliation which is based out of Savannah, GA. Sharing her history and culture with others is her passion. She has been featured as a background extra in the TV series 'Underground- WGN Season 2' and 'Southern Charm Savannah'. Join her on a walking tour of Savannah's most historic sites of the African-American Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and enjoy the experience of a lifetime. You may cry, but in the end you will rejoice at the journey of great victory and triumph.

'We are Da' Ones Dat' Know De' Stories!' We are so proud to give birth to UNDERGROUND TOURS OF SAVANNAH.... it is time to share the stories of the African American journey from slavery to freedom in Savannah, Georgia. 

     Our research is thorough- from the City of Savannah's 'Municipal Slaves Archives' on the first floor of City Hall to the Georgia Historical Society to the Federal Writers Projects - GA Edition to mounds and mounds of research on slaves in the City of Savannah. We, along with our Saltwata Players® pledge to take you on an 'underground' journey that pays homage to the enslaved "African's" journey - tears, joy, faith, pride, healing and reconciliation. 

      Our goal is to 'edu-tain' you and leave you filled with humility and respect for all of human kind.....Ase'


 Underground Tours of Savannah, LLC

Slave reenactors

'on site surprises'

Gullah Geechee TOUR GUIDEs

There is a Gullah Geechee proverb that says, 'We Da' Ones Dat' Know De' Stories!'  Gullah Geechee, our local tour guide dialect, is  rhythemic flow that mezmorizes the visitors on our Underground Tours - 'We Speak Fuh' WE!'!' - An English interpretation: 'We Must All Tell Our Own Stories." Our stories and dialects are our Ancestral linkages to African - 150+ years after slavery ended in Savannah, GA (Dec. 21, 1864) - we proudly say - 'We Are Gullah Geechee!'

Members of the UG Tours tour guide team  are Gullah Geechee natives - born and raised in  Savannah's first African American communities - West Savannah. South Carolina. 'Our mothers, grandmothers, (Nana or  Meemahs) and other family members always spoke with a Gullah Geechee 'tongue' It was amazing to hear them speak when we all gathered for family events - church, Sunday dinners, fish fries, funerals and repasses. Don't make one of the family members mad, or vexed as they would say, you would not be able to understand nothing they said!

        This Gullah Geechee dialect is fast, with a Caribbean rhythm, blended in with that kinda' N"awlins flavor - Creole n' tings!' Come 'Jine WE' as our tour guides share the African American journey from slavery to freedom at the McCluskey barracoons’ and the Savannah Cotton Exchange,. Come 'walk with us; on our Specialty Tour – Slaves in the City' featuring an external and internal* view of  First African Baptist Church - the oldest church in North America, built by slaves at night in the mid 1800's.

      Listen closely as we guide you through the Underground world where slaves dwelled in holding bins, auction blocks and finally - sales offices where buyers purchased slaves in downtown Savannah during the mid-1700's through the morning of Dec. 21, 1864 as Sherman's Union Army Soldiers entered the City and emancipated enslaved Africans.  Come see 'The Savannah Cotton Exchange - where enslaved Africans delivered bales and bales of sea island cotton. 

       'Come Walk With Us!' We'll be carrying our 'rain stick' to guide you along the journey.........'Jine' WE!'

B O O K   Y O U R   T O U R   T O D A Y


"COME JINE WE!" - Sistah Patt & Her Gullah Geechee Tour Guide Team"

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