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 The Dec. 21st Annual Celebration of the Emancipation of Enslaved Africans in Savannah, GA.

UNDERGROUND TOURS of SAVANANH are proud sponsors of the annual celebration of Emancipation and Freedom in Savananh, GA.  On December 21, 2017, Sulfur Studios, Emergent Savannah, The Saltwata Players and The Mt. Zion Project hosted photographic exhibits, name readings and freedom songs to pay homage to the 225,000 Union Soldiers + 10,000 slaves that followed these brave men to Savannah from North Georgia during the Civil War.  

Enjoy pictures from our show:  'The American Abolitionists: Conscience of the Nation' showcased @ Sulfur Studios in midtown Savannah. 

It was an amazing show, curated by Eric Saul & Dr. Amy Fiske, Ph.D. of West Virginia University and sponsored by The Center For Jubilee, Healing and Reconciliation, a program of the 'Mt. Zion Project'.  

     'It was a very spiritual show.  Special shout outs to Brother A J , Curator @ Sulfur Studios and Tom Kholer of Emergent Savannah -~ Patt Gunn, CEO of Underground Tours, Rosalyn Rouse of The Mt Zion Project. - Dec 21, 2017.

      Join us on December 21,  2018 - stay tuned for all our plans for another great celebration of our Ancestor's journey from slavery to freedom.