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Celebrating Savannah's Gullah Geechee Communities' Journey From Slavery to Freedom

Welcome to Savannah! Savannah is the second port of entry for slaves in the United States. Come hear, see, and feel the history of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade! Commemorate their cries, hear the freedom songs and prayers. Share the story of the city's history and gain insight from our tour guides as they weave the history, stories and narrative reenactments together to showcase the journey of enslaved Africans who were captured and served as urban and plantation slaves in Savannah, GA.

Come walk with us as we show you the offices where slaves were purchased, auction blocks in historic squares, the building of First African Baptist Church as an underground railroad site. Experience on-site re-enactments of the voices of Slaves from the Federal Writers Project on Georgia plantations. 'Jine' us as we celebrate and pay homage at the monuments dedicated to the courage of our ancestors who toiled from sunrise to sunset. You may weep during this guided tour, but you can also experience the celebration of the victories of the African-American journey from slavery to freedom through our tour stories, slave reenactments, songs, tambourines, and a few Gullah Geechee ring shouts too! A must see 'Homage!'


To celebrate the African American journey from slavery to freedom in Savannah, Georgia through walking and bus tours.


Underground Tours of Savannah LLC is a cultural heritage destination tour company whose goal is education on slavery in American, preservation of the sacred places and spaces of enslaved Africans in Savannah, slave markers, healing, and reconciliation with a focus on the African American journey from slavery to freedom.

  ~We are local, authentic Gullah Geechee Tour Guides


Our Walking Tours begin at 'The African American Monument',  located at 1 West River Street,  Savannah, Georgia. Our contact number is (912) 547-5937.

Our #1 Tour - 'Slaves in the City' - A 1.5 Hour Walking Tour - Selected by USA Today Travel as

•The African American Monuments
•The Cluskey Embankments/ Holding Bins
•Bay Lane Auction Sales
•City Market's Auction Offices
•The Savannah Cotton Exchange

*View of Slave Marks - Adinkra Symbols
•Municipal Slave Archives - City Hall

*Bay St. - 'Sherman's March to the Sea'

*Freedom & Emancipation - 10,000+ Enslaved Africans - Encampments
•Field Order #15-40 Acres & A Mule - "The Meeting' with Gen. Sherman

•A Slave Reenactment/'Jubilee is Here' @ Franklin Square